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Life can simply be compared to any adventure or exploration of new and uncharted lands. Creating our individual path that leads into the unknown horizon while listening to our soul, finding bravery to speak from our heart and always taking a second look behind the trail we have left behind to recollect our personal trials and tribulations.”

Moseman’s first adventure which gained recognition was a solo bicycle expedition and photographic project around Asia from 2010 to 2012. She completed over 15,000 miles and navigated independently through 7 Asian countries, incorporating photography to document the small communities, cultures and religious minorities inhabiting the western borderlands of China. At this current moment, only one man has completed the same mileage, alone on bicycle in China. Moreover, there has yet to be another other cyclist to capture such compelling and intimate stories of the people in those locales. Moseman’s undertakings since then have included touring Cambodia solo on a scooter, trekking Tibet, motorbike riding, and various urban adventures.

Moseman’s logistics and navigational approach are quite disparate from those of most travelers. We all hear “it’s about the journey and not the destination,” but Moseman truly embodies this mantra of exploration. Choosing a region and a general direction, she lives within the environment and interacts with locals to choose roads, mountain passes and paths over rough terrain. It’s a day-to-day exploration and a genuine approach to discovery in a modern society where most travelers are overwhelmed with navigational gear to assist them in reaching the next plotted point on maps.

Though her storytelling, photography and personal reports focus primarily on the people she encounters, Moseman shines through, revealing herself as the apex adventurer. In the narration of her interactions, she delves deep within the human psyche and shares intimate details of her own soul and the thoughts formed from searching beyond never-ending landscapes for months at a time.

Eleanor Moseman is also a humanitarian working with regional minorities; Tibetan nomads, Muslims of Central Asia and Subcontinent, the working-class and those enslaved into poverty. She strives to immerse herself in the culture of the people she documents, to search for resolutions and to raise new questions while sharing their stories of love, sacrifice and daily adversity. Moseman strives to unite humanity past language, culture and continents. Whether by sharing her American culture, motivating others to forge a happy and constructive path in life, or telling stories of her experiences on high plateaus, barren deserts and bustling cities, Moseman inspires others to forge an authentic lifestyle of their individuality and authenticity.

From humble beginnings, Moseman’s first childhood memories are living between trailer parks, salvaging furniture from dumpsters with the family, sleeping on floors and watching her parents make every possible sacrifice in the hopes of a better future for their children. In the small town Appalachia region of Virginia, Moseman grew up determined to make the most of life and to exceed what was expected of her. The odds were stacked against her but with supportive parents she has overcome every obstacle that has been placed in her path towards personal growth and discovery. The pursuit of her self-worth and personal empowerment led her down lonesome roads to search for something more meaningful in life; fleeting moments that can truly define happiness and give reason for existence.

Moseman has always had an insatiable wanderlust and a fire within that burns for a deeper understanding of the world. She’s seen the best and worst of humanity but continually finds hope around corners, in mud huts, or while hunkered down in a nomad’s tent to avoid the evening’s snow storm. Undaunted, she continually seeks out experiences wrought out of human connection and cultural exchange. Her only hope to inspire, Moseman often acts as a mentor, whether to a 20 something American girl feeling alone and misunderstood or a local Chinese girl finding the courage to speak English and pursue her dreams. Recently, Moseman was contacted by a young woman she met three years ago that changed her English name to “Eleanor” and thanked her for giving her the bravery to learn and speak English. This is her work, and these stories are the lifetime reward.

Since 2008, Moseman has been based primarily in Shanghai, China as a freelancer. She is a native English speaker that is fluent in Mandarin and always studying the local language such as Tibetan, Uighur, Russian, and Bengali.



Eleanor Moseman is a freelance photographer based out of Shanghai, China, since 2008.
Eleanor Moseman conducts photography workshops and private tutoring courses around Asia.
Eleanor Moseman's long distance cycling and photography expedition around Asia that spanned from 2010 - 2012. More to wander...